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What is a crossbite?

A crossbite can be defined as a misalignment of a tooth or teeth where one or more teeth are positioned irregularly. For example, a tooth could be positioned closer to the cheek or tongue, rather than at their ideal position. Not only that but a crossbite can also prevent jaws from closing properly which can make it difficult to eat and speak. It’s also best to not overlook the fact that a crossbite can cause one to lose their confidence.

However, there is hope since one can get treatment. Getting treated for this condition is necessary because if you don’t, it can cause improper growth of the jaw which will eventually lead to one side of the jaw growing larger. The abnormal growth can affect your entire facial symmetry and structure. If this condition isn’t tackled head on it can not only affect ones appearance and smile but it could also lead to dangerous dental complexities.

There are multiple warning signs when it comes to crossbite. For instance, the two rows of the teeth don’t touch each other and not being able to speak properly and having a lisp. Furthermore, biting on the inner cheek or tongue more often, while speaking or eating. Lastly, having pain in the jaw, in one or several teeth, or headaches.

Crossbites can cause severe headaches due to the fact that teeth can affect your facial muscles as well. When your jaws aren’t properly aligned, it puts a strain on the jaw muscles and joints which are linked with nerves that go to the brain. Furthermore, these same nerves run down our neck and shoulders which can lead to uncomfortable pain in those regions as well. Not only can crossbites cause headaches, but they can also be the catalyst for tooth decay too. When one has misaligned teeth it makes it more challenging to properly brush them. Not being able to brush and floss all your teeth properly can encourage bacteria growth.

It's should be made a priority to find treatment for crossbites. There are a few go to treatments when treating a crossbite. The first one is tooth extraction if there’s only a single tooth that’s misaligned due to overcrowding. Another alternative treatment is braces. However, braces are much more expensive. Although getting treatment for crossbite can be intimidating, it should never be ignored and must be treated as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the jaws and other teeth.

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