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Implant-retained dentures provide confidence. Anyone who has undergone full-arch tooth replacement by way of a traditional denture is likely familiar with the difficulties of everyday function, such as chewing, laughing and speaking. Lack of confidence in an unreliable prosthesis can limit desire for social interaction, and even trigger depression. In addition to the adverse effects of these emotional stresses, conventional denture wearers often suffer progressive bone loss, sagging facial structures and the dangers of malnutrition – opening the door to a variety of threats to their health and well-being.

A fixed prosthesis (removable only by the doctor) is attached to four or more implants by way of titanium framework. It is intended for patients desiring maximum stability, esthetics and function. A removable denture is anchored to two or more implants by way of a titanium bar or attachments. It is intended for patients with anatomical limitations of those seeking an affordable alternative to a fixed prosthesis. A low-cost, removable denture is anchored by a simple and effective O-ring retention system. It is intended for patients who do not receive conventional implants due to medical, anatomical, or financial reasons.

Dental implants are designed to replace the roots of missing teeth. Once embedded in the jaw, these critical understructures can serve as a foundation on which to secure a fixed or removable denture, resulting in a more stable prosthesis without the hassle of adhesives. Along with improvements in everyday life, implant overdentures may promote additional health benefits. Ask your dentist about the ability of implant-retained dentures to:

· Help prevent premature aging

· Restore natural chewing function

· Minimize bone loss

· Improve long-term health and nutrition

· Eliminate the need for denture adhesives