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Trusted Dentist in Washington, D.C.

Welcome to Georgetown Smile, the premiere dental practice in Washington, D.C.. Our dentist, Dr. A.J. Peretz, DDS, has provided patients with comfort and exceptional oral health care for over 20 years. We provide comprehensive general, cosmetic, restorative, and emergency dentistry using the latest and best dental technology and solutions. We aim to boost and perfect the teeth’s beauty, health, and function. We are multilingual and can accommodate patients who speak English, Spanish, French, and German. Whether you need a routine cleaning or a more complex treatment like an implant, filling, crown, or oral surgery, we’ll serve you with the highest level of dental care.

Meet the Doctor
Meet the Team

Why Choose Georgetown Smile

Patients in Washington, D.C. choose us because we provide the following during every dental service and appointment:

Patient Comfort

Our office is serene, complemented with accommodations to make your dental visit as relaxing and pleasant as possible.

Years of Experience

Leveraging over two decades of experience, Dr. Peretz and the team will provide you with an exceptional patient experience and oral health care.

Commitment to Quality

We’re dedicated to perfecting the art and science of dental care, ensuring the best results for your smile.

Going Above and Beyond for Your Teeth

Georgetown Smile goes the extra mile to ensure that each patient leaves with a healthier, brighter smile. Whether you need restorative dentistry to correct chips, cracks, or breakage or want a cosmetic treatment to whiten and brighten your teeth, our team will customize and tailor your dental services to your precise expectations and goals. We’ll start your new oral health journey with an in-depth examination to assess your condition. We’re excited to give you your brand-new smile.

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