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Electric Brush

Brushing your teeth is an essential routine in maintaining healthy teeth and gums. One might think that a regular toothbrush works just fine for brushing your teeth. However, there are a lot more benefits of an electronic toothbrush. An electronic toothbrush is a lot more beneficial than a regular toothbrush. It could make all the difference when it comes to preventing gum disease and tooth decay.

There are three different types of electronic toothbrushes; Oscillating-rotating, Sonic, and Ultrasonic toothbrush. All of these toothbrushes move at quite a high speed and get every crevice to rid it of plaque buildup. There are many benefits to using these type of toothbrushes that make them superior to their manual counterparts. Firstly, they offer better plaque removal compared to the manual toothbrush. With the technologically engineered electric toothbrush head, you can achieve cleaner and plaque-free teeth, leading to healthier gums and teeth eliminating bad breath. Furthermore, a built-in timer and pacer to optimize tooth brushing time. It helps one develop a healthy cleaning habit where they can learn the optimal amount of time to brush ones teeth. Electronic toothbrushes can also be helpful for people who have limited mobility. If one has impaired mobility then the toothbrush can do most of the work. People with wrist or hand issues may find it challenging to use a manual brush because it exerts too much pressure on pressure points. Power toothbrushes are the best option for people with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Arthritis, and other developmental disabilities.

Another benefit of electronic toothbrushes are the different brush heads and various cleaning modes. Majority of electronic toothbrushes offer different brush heads that you can switch out along with different cleaning modes as well. Some of the different modes offered consist of teeth whitening, tongue cleaning, deep cleaning, sensitive teeth, and gum care. Furthermore, electronic toothbrushes provide consistent and uniform power delivery throughout the brush. When you deliver consistent pressure amongst all your teeth then it provides consistent results. You want to give the same amount of attention to every tooth. Electronic toothbrushes also provide more brush strokes per minute than your hand could with a manual toothbrush. Lastly, electronic toothbrushes can make tooth brushing more fun for kids! Educating your kids on the importance of teeth cleaning can be very challenging. However, electronic toothbrushes can be more intriguing to kids than manual toothbrushes.