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Dentistry for Children

Going to the dentist can be a frightening experience for adults and children, but if children start going to the pediatric dentist early, they will learn that it is a normal part of their life and become comfortable with it.

We are a family dental office and provide dental care for patients of all ages. We want our youngest patients to be comfortable and happy when they come to our Washington, DC office so that we can start them on the road to a lifetime of good oral health.

man and child on his shoulders

Early Dental Care

Dental care for children should start early. Children have about 20 baby teeth by the time they are two years old. That’s the time for you to start brushing your child’s teeth with a soft toothbrush and gentle fluoride toothpaste, twice a day. You can begin teaching your child to brush their own teeth, but you should help them for a while, and start flossing at this age if your child is willing.

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Georgetown Smile Proudly Participates in the D.C. School-Based Oral Health Program​

For more information on this program, please visit the Department of Health’s website or download the Assessment Form here.

Children can be susceptible to dental and oral health problems, but there are many preventative measures you can take:


Your child’s diet is an important factor in their dental health. After brushing their teeth at night, your child should not eat again before they go to bed. Try to limit sugar in your child’s diet, and encourage them to drink water throughout the day. This can reduce the chances of cavities forming.

Dental Sealants

You may want to consider dental sealants for your child’s teeth. A sealant is put on the surface of the teeth at our Washington, DC office and helps to guard the teeth against decay by blocking out plaque. Brushing is still important even if your child has a sealant, but a sealant can provide extra protection and last for up to ten years.

Regular Checkups

Your child should come into our Washington, DC dental office for a checkup every six months. This is a good habit to start early in life, to avoid dental problems, and to make going to the children’s dentist a positive experience that your child will want to continue when he or she is an adult.

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Your Child’s First Visit​

​The first visit to our office might be scary for your children, but you can focus on it being an adventure, and being good for their teeth and their smile. Our children’s dentist in Washington DC will help your child feel at ease while giving them a thorough oral examination. When you arrive, be sure to ask for a coloring book that follows Carla the Koala’s Trip to the Dentist!

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