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Foot Ball

Growing up it’s important to stay preoccupied with extra curriculars, some of which include sports. It teaches your kids about team work and working towards a goal. However, it’s understandable to be worried about your child’s health while doing sports. Some of these health concerns can consist of your child’s teeth which could be potentially damaged. What could you do to protect your child’s teeth and smile? Well, there are a couple of options. We grow two sets of teeth in our lives, primary teeth and permanent teeth. It’s important to take this into consideration when exploring options for protecting their teeth. Mouth guards and helmets are the most popular forms of protection when it comes to sports. Firstly, when it comes to mouth guards there are a couple of different options. Your dentist can help you make the best choice for your child depending on the sport they are in. Mouth guards prevent your teeth from getting chipped, broken, or knocked out. Mouth guards can also help protect against the possibility of more severe and prolonged damage, such as nerve damage. The three most common mouth guards, also called mouth protectors, are the stock, boil and bite, and custom fit mouth protectors. Mouth guards tend to be placed on the upper teeth. Protection for your child’s lower teeth is also recommended by your dentist if your child has braces, or other dental devices. The stock mouth guard is usually readily available at any sporting goods store. They are inexpensive are preformed, usually coming in a one-size-fits-most style. Second option for boil and bite mouth guards are also readily available at sporting goods store. This type of mouth protector can be molded to better fit since you put the mouth guard in hot water then have it molded to your teeth. Lastly, custom-fit mouth guards are probably the best alternative. This is due to the fact that the custom mouth protector is created by your dentist from a mold that is taken of your child’s teeth. If mouth guards aren’t the route that you want to explore then helmets could be a good fit for your child’s needs. However, it’s best recommended to have your child wear a mouth guard and a helmet for double protection.