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Dental Expert

Every couple of years a new trend with teeth whitening is on the rise and raises a lot of questions for people looking to brighten their smile. One of the most popular trends for teeth whitening as of late is charcoal. More specifically, activated charcoal. The way it works is that one takes the charcoal teeth whitening powder and mixing it with water. They then take this home made paste and brush their teeth with it for around three to five minutes. The way charcoal is supposed to work is that the its supposed to act as a purifying agent. Activated charcoal is very porous, and all the tiny little holes on its surface grab in to toxins and particles. Which explains as to why charcoal is sought out for water filters and as a form of poison control in emergency rooms. This teeth whitening alternative has become a huge trend all over the internet. However, many people are wondering not only if it works, but if its safe. It has been found by the American Dental Association that charcoal is not a safe means for teeth whitening. Some of the side effects can consist of higher risk for cavities, tooth discoloration, and complicated dental problems such as periodontal disease in the future. Furthermore, charcoal is considered to be too abrasive for your teeth. If used too often it can wear down your enamel. This may not cause problems after one use, but if done repeatedly over time it could cause some serious damage. If you do choose to do it, do so with caution. It is best recommended to whiten your teeth with the help of your dentist. If getting your teeth professionally whitened seems to be too expensive, its then best recommended to use whitening strips.