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Couple Sleeping

What is snoring? Snoring is basically the vibration of the soft palate that occurs when air flows by relaxed tissues. Studies show that around 67% of adults experience snoring when they sleep. The different types of snoring are nasal, tongue, mouth and throat. Nasal snoring is often caused by a deviated septum or allergies, while tongue snoring is caused by the tongue becoming too relaxed while sleeping. Thankfully, Solea Sleep is here to aid people who snore at night. Solea Sleep is a nonsurgical laser treatment that helps reduce or eliminate palatal (mouth) snoring. Using Convergent Dental’s Solea All-Tissue Laser, it tightens the collagen layers of the soft palate to reduce the vibrations that create the sound. The Solea Sleep procedure takes only a few minutes with little to no recovery time. An in-vivo study showed that the Solea safely increases the stiffness of the soft palate without negative effects on the tissues. Patients can expect to see results within the same day and results can last from 12-15 months.

Solea Sleep procedure doesn’t involve needles. Topical anesthetic spray is used to numb the tissues of the soft palate. The Solea laser, with its unique wavelength, effectively targets the deep lamina propia layer of the soft palate that has a high concentration of collagen. The energy from the Solea causes a disruption in the cross linkage of the collagen fibers, causing the soft palate to become firmer, and therefore eliminate and decrease snoring.