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Among the various options for implants we offer at Georgetown Smile are hybrid dentures. These dentures are fixed and have the same appearance as natural teeth. Hybrid Dentures are a cross between a regular denture and a fixed bridge or a “Hybrid”. These are a great solution for patients who don’t want to remove multiple teeth to be fitted for a denture.

Hybrid dentures are a way to replace missing teeth and gum tissue with a prosthetic attached to dental implants. These are recommended especially for patients with significant bone loss in their jaw. The hybrid denture is more natural looking and stable, and a cross between a traditional denture and a fixed bridge.

Hybrid Denture

How Are Hybrid Dentures Different From Removable Dentures?

Unlike traditional removable dentures that require adhesive to keep it stable, a hybrid denture is firmly attached to more implants on the jaw. Following the healing of implants in the jaw bone, the implants are connected to abutments that are screwed into a metal framework. The hybrid denture is fixed and doesn’t need to be taken out every day like regular dentures

What Are the Benefits of Hybrid Dentures?

  • A Hybrid denture is a fixed denture that has the same appearance of natural teeth. There are no temporaries, and its screw retained so that the only way to take it off is to come back to the office.
  • Hybrid Dentures are more functional. You can chew foods that are tougher to eat with regular dentures such as: chicken, steak, corn on the Cobb. With Hybrid Dentures you’ll be able to chew and bite just as much as your natural teeth.
  • Hybrid Dentures require less maintenance. With other denture options there is a yearly basis cost to trade out parts and pieces.
  • Hybrid Dentures are more comfortable, there is less material in your mouth so its much more comfortable for patients day to day.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Hybrid Dentures?

In order to find out if you’re a good candidate for hybrid dentures, you will need to undergo an examination by Dr.Peretz. During your first visit digital X-rays will be taken to determine if you are good candidate to support implants. Other factors that will be taken into consideration include:

  • Lifestyle and tobacco usage
  • General Health
  • Existing health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and respiratory disease.

Schedule Your Consultation:

At Georgetown Smile we’re proud to offer hybrid dentures to help solve the problems associated with missing teeth! To find out if you a Hybrid Denture is the right replacement option for you please request and appointment or call our office at 202-333-0003. We look forward to hearing from you!