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Implant Dentistry


Your second chance at a perfect smile!

Washington, DC dentist Dr. Peretz offers dental implants for patients who have lost one or more teeth. Dental implants are an exciting option for patients with missing teeth.


Studies show that dental implants have a 35% higher success rate when compared to traditional fixed bridgework or dentures. They offer the most life-like replacement option for missing teeth, enabling patients to enjoy the best possible quality of life with no daily maintenance.

During a consultation, Dr. Peretz will thoroughly evaluate your dental health to ensure you are a candidate for this treatment option. They will take time to discuss your personal concerns and goals before recommending dental implants as the solution for your dental concerns.

Georgetown Smile is proud to offer hybrid dentures.

Dental Implants What to Expect

All three of these restorations replace missing teeth, however, a dental implant is the only one that replaces the actual root structure of a tooth.


This means that the prosthetic tooth (or teeth) is permanently fixed in the mouth and does not require any support from neighboring teeth or the use of adhesives.

For denture patients, dental implants can minimize speech impediments often associated with loose or ill-fitting dentures.


The dental implants will also allow you to eat more foods and chew much more efficiently so you can live your life without concern over what foods you can and cannot eat.

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